How Old Was Madeleine Force When She Married J.J. Astor

Madeleine Force was 18 years old when she married J.J. Astor.

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Madeleine Force’s early life

Madeleine Force was born on July 22, 1893, the only child of Annie Sutherland and William K. Force. She grew up in a wealthy family and attended private schools. On November 6, 1916, she married James John “J.J.” Astor IV, a millionaire who was heir to the Astor fortune. They had one child together, a son named William Vincent Astor.

Madeleine Force’s marriage to J.J. Astor

On November 6th, 1916, Madeleine Force married James Jay Astor in a private ceremony at her parents’ summer home in Newport, Rhode Island. At the time of their marriage, Madeleine was 19 years old and James was 43.

The Astor family

The Astor family is one of the most famous and wealthiest families in American history. The Astor fortune was first made in the fur trade, and later in real estate, hotels, and other businesses.

Madeleine Force was one of the most famous members of the Astor family. She was born into a wealthy family, but her parents divorced when she was a child. She grew up living with her grandparents, William Vanderbilt and Alva Vanderbilt.

Madeleine’s marriage to J.J. Astor IV made headlines around the world. She was only 18 years old at the time, while he was 33. The couple had four children together before divorcing in 1930.

The Titanic

In April 1912, Madeleine Force Astor was just 19 years old when she boarded the Titanic with her husband, John Jacob Astor IV. The couple was returning from their honeymoon in Europe. Unfortunately, the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank, and John Jacob Astor IV was one of the more than 1,500 people who lost their lives in the disaster. Madeleine Force Astor survived and went on to remarry and have three more children.

Madeleine Force’s later years

In her later years, Madeleine Force Astor became increasingly estranged from her husband J.J. Astor. The couple had divorced in 1909, but remained on amicable terms. However, as J.J.’s health began to decline in the 1920s, Madeleine became more and more distant from him. By the time of his death in 1926, the two were barely speaking.

J.J. Astor’s early life

J.J. Astor was born John Jacob Astor IV in New York City on July 13, 1864. He was the youngest child of William Backhouse Astor Jr. and Caroline Webster Schermerhorn Astor. His mother, Caroline, was a prominent member of New York City’s high society, known as the Four Hundred. His father, William, was a successful real estate investor.

At the age of 18, Astor began his business career working for his father’s company, Astor & Company. In 1886, at the age of 22, he inherited a large portion of his father’s estate and became one of the richest men in America.

In 1891, Astor married 18-year-old Madeleine Force, the daughter of a wealthy New York City family. Madeleine’s dowry included $5 million in cash and property (equivalent to $140 million today). The couple had four children: Ava Lowle (1892-1962), John Jacob “Jack” Astor VI (1894-1971), William Vincent “Willy” Astor (1896-1940), and Vincent Gerald “Vinnie” Astor (1898-1959).

Astor continued to grow his business empire and invest in real estate. He also became involved in philanthropy and donated millions of dollars to various charities and causes.

In 1912, Astor and Madeleine boarded the Titanic for a trip to Europe. Tragically, the ship hit an iceberg and sank; both Astor and Madeleine perished in the disaster.

J.J. Astor’s business career

J.J. Astor’s business career began when he was just eighteen years old. He started out working in the family fur business, which was then one of the largest businesses in the United States. After a few years, Astor decided to branch out on his own and started investing in real estate. He quickly made a fortune and by the time he was twenty-five years old, Astor was one of the richest men in the country.

In 1891, Astor married Madeleine Force, who was eighteen years old at the time. Madeleine came from a very wealthy family and her dowry was reported to be around $10 million dollars. The Astors quickly became one of the most famous and well-known couples in America.

The Astor family’s philanthropy

The Astor family’s philanthropy was legendary, and made them among the most important benefactors of their time. They gave away millions of dollars to causes ranging from the arts to medical research. One of the most famous recipients of their largesse was the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which received $1 million from Mrs. Astor in 1903.

The family’s fortune was made in real estate and fur trading, and later in oil production. John Jacob Astor IV, who married Madeleine Force in 1906, was the great-grandson of America’s first millionaire, John Jacob Astor. His grandfather William Backhouse Astor, Jr., had been the richest man in America when he died in 1875.

J.J. Astor and Madeleine Force wed when she was just eighteen years old and he was thirty-six. The union was a happy one, despite the age difference, and they had four children together.

The Astor family today

The Astor family is one of the most influential and prominent families in America. They are best known for their significant fortune, their real estate holdings, and their philanthropy. The family has been involved in a wide variety of businesses, including banking, furniture making, hotel management, and publishing.

The Astor family today is led by Madeleine Force Astor. Madeleine is the great-granddaughter of John Jacob Astor III, who was the original family member to gain prominence and wealth. John Jacob Astor III was an entrepreneur and businessman who made his fortune in the fur trade and real estate.

Madeleine Astor is married to John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr., making her the sister-in-law of Caroline Kennedy and the late President John F. Kennedy. Together they have four children: Rose Schlossberg, Tatiana Schlossberg, Jack Schlossberg, and Caroline Kennedy.

Madeleine Force’s legacy

Madeleine Force was an American socialite who married into the Astor family. She was born into a wealthy family and her marriage to J.J. Astor solidified her place in high society. Madeleine and J.J. had a happy marriage and they were together for over 20 years until his death in the sinking of the Titanic. Madeleine survived the disaster and she later remarried. She died in 1940 at the age of 66.

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