Is Fleur De Force Married?

Find out everything you need to know about Fleur De Force’s relationship status, from her wedding to who she is dating now.

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Who is Fleur De Force?

Fleur De Force is a British YouTube personality, beauty blogger, and vlogger. She has been active on YouTube since 2009, and her videos mainly consist of makeup tutorials, product reviews, and other beauty-related content. In addition to her YouTube channel, Fleur also has a successful blog and has released several products, including her own line of false eyelashes.

Fleur is married to Mike Perry, who is also a YouTube personality and vlogger. The couple got married in 2014 and have one child together.

The early life of Fleur De Force

Fleur de Force is a British fashion and beauty vlogger, YouTuber, and author. She is best known for her videos on YouTube.

Born in 1989 in Winchester, England, Fleur de Force originally wanted to be a ballet dancer. Unfortunately, a back injury forced her to abandon that dream. interested in hair and makeup and pursued a career in that field instead. After working as a freelance hair and makeup artist for several years, De Force decided to launch her own YouTube channel in 2009.

De Force’s channel features videos on a range of topics related to fashion and beauty, including hair tutorials, makeup tips, product reviews, and hauls. In addition to her work on YouTube, De Force has also written two books: The Glam Guide (2014) and Fleur’s Fairytale Wedding (2016).

As of 2021, Fleur de Force is married to Mike Sharpe. The couple has two children together: a daughter named Enya (born in 2018) and a son named Leo (born in 2020).

The YouTube career of Fleur De Force

Fleur de Force is a popular YouTube personality, known for her fashion and beauty content. She started her YouTube channel in 2009, and has since built up a following of over 4 million subscribers.

In addition to her YouTube career, Fleur has also released a best-selling book, penned a regular column for Glamour magazine, and launched her own line of eyelash extensions.

Despite all this success, Fleur remains relatively private when it comes to her personal life. She is married to Mikey Buishas, but has rarely spoken about him in public. The couple currently resides in London, England.

The fashion career of Fleur De Force

Fleur De Force is a fashion YouTuber who started her channel in 2009. She has since amassed over 4 million subscribers and continues to grow her following. Known for her hauls, lookbooks, and vlogs, Fleur has become one of the most recognizable faces in the fashion YouTube community.

While Fleur has never spoken publicly about her personal life, it is assumed that she is married to Michael Islam, who often appears in her videos. The couple has been together for over 10 years and have two children together.

The beauty career of Fleur De Force

Fleur De Force is a British fashion and beauty blogger, YouTuber, and author. She has been running her successful YouTube channel since 2009, amassing over 4 million subscribers. As well as her blog and YouTube channel, Fleur has released her own range of eye shadows and lipsticks with Eylure, written two books, and has been a brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris.

Born in 1988 in the UK, Fleur started her beauty career by studying at London College of Fashion. After working behind the scenes in fashion for a few years, she turned her attention to construction a formidable online presence. In 2009, she launched her eponymous YouTube channel ‘FleurDeForce’. Her first videos were beauty tips and tutorials inspired by what she had learned whilst working in the industry. Thesedays, as well as maintaining her original focus on beauty content, Fleur also posts lifestyle and fashion videos on her YouTube channel.

In 2013, Fleur released her first book ‘The Glam Guide’ which became a bestseller in the UK. This was followed by ‘The Youtube Fan Club’ in 2015. To date, both of these books have sold over 150 thousand copies worldwide. As well as being an accomplished YouTuber and author, Fleur is also a businesswoman. In 2017 she launched her own line of false eyelashes with Eylure called ‘Fleur Loves’. The following year she released another range with the brand; this time it was a line of lipsticks called ‘Fleur Fantasies’.

Throughout her career so far, Fleur has won numerous awards including; ‘Best Beauty Vlogger’ at the Cosmo Beauty Awards (2015), 2 x ‘Best Established Beauty Blogger/Vlogger’ at the Vlogger Awards (2016 & 2017), as well as ‘Best Female YOUTUBER’ at both the Shorty Awards (2017) and The BritList Awards (2018).

The personal life of Fleur De Force

Fleur de Force is married to MikeSmall, a fellow YouTube vlogger whom she met while they were both studying at the University of Leeds. The couple now have one daughter together, named Enya.

In addition to her work as a YouTuber and beauty blogger, Fleur is also a published author. She has written two books: “The Glam Guide” and “Forever Chic: Quality over Quantity in Your wardrobe.”

The marriage of Fleur De Force

Fleur De Force is a popular British YouTube beauty vlogger. She has been married to Mike since 2015. The couple has two children together, a daughter named Annabelle and a son named George.

The children of Fleur De Force

Fleur De Force is married to Mike Gould. The couple has two children together, a daughter named Isabella and a son named Dimitri.

The divorce of Fleur De Force

Fleur de Force, born Fleur Isabelle Eley, is a British beauty and fashion YouTube personality, vlogger, blogger, and author. On 7 August 2014, she married Mike Brunt, a former member of the band Busted. The couple reside in Stamford, Lincolnshire.
On 3 January 2019, it was announced on social media that Fleur and Mike were divorcing after four years of marriage.

The life after the divorce of Fleur De Force

Fleur De Force is a popular British YouTuber, vlogger, and makeup artist. She was married to Mike Forge until recently, when the couple announced their divorce.

In a recent YouTube video, Fleur talked about her life after the divorce and how she is coping. She said that it has been tough, but she is surrounded by loving friends and family who have helped her through.

Fleur is currently single, but she says that she is open to dating again in the future.

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