Is Juliet Forced To Marry Paris?

In William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is forced to marry Paris by her father. However, she is already married to Romeo. What will she do?

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In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is forced to marry Paris by her father, Lord Capulet. While she does not want to marry him, she feels she has no choice in the matter.

The Capulets’ Plan

The Capulets’ plan to force Juliet to marry Paris is to tell her that her father is very sick and near death. They tell her that the only way to make him feel better is for her to marry Paris.

Juliet knows that her father is not really sick and that the Capulets are just trying to force her into marriage. She is very upset and frustrated by their plan.

Juliet’s Reaction

While many readers of Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet may believe that Juliet is forced into marriage with Paris, a close reading of the text shows that this is not the case. In fact, Juliet takes a number of steps to avoid marrying Paris, including feigning illness and refusing to attend the wedding. It is only when she believes that Romeo is dead and she has no other options that she agrees to marry Paris.

The Nurse’s Advice

The Nurse’s advice to Juliet in Act III, scene V, to marry Paris is both heart-wrenching and difficult to understand. On the one hand, the Nurse has been like a mother to Juliet, and her loyalty lies first and foremost with Juliet’s best interests. On the other hand, given the Nurse’s own history with her own children, it seems that she may be urging Juliet to do something that she herself would not do.

Juliet’s Dilemma

Is Juliet Forced To Marry Paris?

On close inspection of the play, it appears that Juliet is not forced to marry Paris. Although her father threatens to disown her if she does not marry Paris, she does not seem to be under any duress from him or anyone else to wed the young man. In addition, although she says she will “consent” to the marriage, she never actually says “I do”. For these reasons, it seems that Juliet is not being forced into marriage against her will.

Romeo’s Reaction

Romeo’s reaction to Juliet’s impending marriage to Paris is one of disbelief and anger. He cannot understand why Juliet would agree to marry someone she does not love, and he is angry that she did not consult with him before making this decision. Romeo feels betrayed by Juliet and believes that she has abandoned him.

Friar Lawrence’s Plan

When Romeo is banished, Friar Lawrence comes up with a plan for Romeo and Juliet to be together. He believes that if Romeo were to marry Juliet, then the two families would be brought together and there would be peace once again. Friar Lawrence knows that Juliet is supposed to marry Paris, but he does not think that she should have to marry him if she does not want to.

The Wedding Night

On Juliet’s wedding night, she drinks a potion that will make her appear dead for “two and forty hours.” When she awakens, she will find Romeo by her side and they can escape together.

The Tragedy

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a story of two young lovers who are forced to marry other people due to their feuding families. Juliet is married to Paris, but she does not want to be. Juliet takes a potion that makes it appear as though she is dead, so that she will not have to marry Paris. Romeo believes Juliet is actually dead and kills himself. When Juliet awakes and finds Romeo’s corpse beside her, she kills herself as well.

The Aftermath

In the aftermath of Juliet’s forced marriage to Paris, Romeo arrives at her tomb to find Juliet dead. Upon seeing Romeo, Juliet kills herself with his dagger.

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