Was Elvis Forced To Marry Priscilla?

A new book claims that the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was pressured into marrying his teenage bride, Priscilla Presley.

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The early years: Elvis and Priscilla’s first meeting

Elvis and Priscilla first met in 1959, when she was 14 years old and he was 24. At the time, he was stationed in West Germany with the Army, and she was living in Wiesbaden with her family. Elvis met Priscilla while he was on leave from the Army, and they began a courtship that continued long-distance after he returned to Germany.

They kept in touch by writing letters and occasionally speaking on the phone, and their relationship deepened over time. In 1962, Elvis was honorably discharged from the Army and returned to the United States. Shortly after, he invited Priscilla to come live with him in Memphis, Tennessee. She agreed, and their relationship continued to blossom.

The courtship: Elvis and Priscilla’s relationship

The courtship between Elvis and Priscilla was unique in many ways. Elvis was 21 when he met 14-year-old Priscilla in 1959, and he was immediately smitten. The two started a courtship that would last over seven years, during which time they saw each other only sporadically.

Elvis proposed to Priscilla in 1966, but her father insisted that she finish high school before getting married. So, the couple waited until May 1, 1967 to tie the knot. Some have speculated that Elvis only marry Priscilla because her father threatened to sue him for statutory rape if he didn’t.

Whether or not Elvis was forced into the marriage, it’s clear that he wasn’t ready for the commitment. He had numerous affairs during his marriage to Priscilla, and the couple divorced in 1973.

The marriage: Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding

It has been well documented that on May 1, 1967, Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu were married in a small ceremony at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. Less well known is the fact that their marriage was not originally intended to be a lifetime commitment. In fact, both Elvis and Priscilla fully expected to divorce within a few years.

Elvis’ marriage to Priscilla was, in large part, a business decision. At the time, Elvis was 32 years old and facing increasing scrutiny from the public and the media. He was also facing draft questions and possible induction into the military. His advisors felt that getting married would be a good way to deflect some of the negative attention he was receiving.

As for Priscilla, she was only 21 years old when she married Elvis. She has said that she felt pressured into marrying him and that she always expected they would divorce within a few years. In her memoir, “Elvis and Me,” Priscilla describes how their marriage became increasingly strained as Elvis became more controlling and demanding. She also recounts how she had an affair with another man while she was still married to Elvis.

Ultimately, Elvis and Priscilla divorced in 1973. While their marriage may not have been built on love, they remained friends until Elvis’ death in 1977.

The honeymoon: Elvis and Priscilla’s first weeks as husband and wife

Elvis and Priscilla’s first weeks as husband and wife were spent on a remote island off the coast of Georgia. The couple had planned to spend two weeks at the island retreat, but cut their honeymoon short after just one week.

The reason for the early departure is not known for sure, but it has been speculated that Elvis may have felt trapped on the island, or that he was missing his daughter Lisa Marie. Whatever the reason, the couple left the island and returned to Graceland just days after their wedding.

The early years of marriage: Elvis and Priscilla’s life together

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Beaulieu first met in 1959, when she was 14 years old and he was 24. She was the daughter of a United States Air Force officer stationed in West Germany, where Elvis was also serving in the military. The two began a correspondence that led to meetings and, eventually, marriage.

Elvis and Priscilla were married on May 1, 1967, in Las Vegas. While their marriage would ultimately end in divorce, the two had a daughter together, Lisa Marie Presley.

In the early years of their marriage, Elvis and Priscilla were often apart due to his touring commitments. As a result, they had to rely on letters and phone calls to keep in touch. Elvis was also frequently away from home due to his movie career.

Although their marriage ultimately ended in divorce, Elvis and Priscilla remained close friends. After his death, she helped to preserve his legacy through the work of the Elvis Presley Foundation.

The later years of marriage: Elvis and Priscilla’s life together

Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage was not without its challenges. By the mid-1970s, their relationship was strained by his drug use and her jealousy of his career. In 1977, they separated and divorced the following year.

However, they remained close friends and often seen together in public. In the years before his death, Elvis spoke fondly of Priscilla and their daughter, Lisa Marie.

It is clear that Elvis loved Priscilla and was devastated by their divorce. However, there is no evidence that he was forced to marry her.

The divorce: Elvis and Priscilla’s split

After six years of marriage, Elvis and Priscilla Presley divorced on October 9, 1973. The divorce was amicable and the two remained friends. There were many rumors surrounding the couple’s split, including that Elvis was unfaithful and that he had pressured Priscilla into marrying him. However, the true reason for their divorce was simply that they had grown apart.

The aftermath: Elvis and Priscilla’s lives after the divorce

On October 9th, 1973, just months after their sixth anniversary, Elvis and Priscilla Presley announced they were divorcing. The couple released a joint statement saying they had “mutually agreed” to end their marriage “because of the inseparable difficulties facing them.”

The divorce was amicable, and the couple continued to co-parent their daughter, Lisa Marie. Elvis even bought Priscilla a house near Graceland so she would always be close by.

However, life after the divorce was not easy for either Elvis or Priscilla. Elvis battle with addiction and depression led him to making poor choices and suffering from health problems. While Priscilla tried to move on with her life, she was constantly hounded by the press and fans who wanted to know every detail about her life with Elvis.

In the end, both Elvis and Priscilla were able to find happiness again. Elvis married twice more but neither marriage lasted. He died tragically at the age of 42. Priscilla remarried in 1984 and had two more children. She has since devoted her life to preserving Elvis’ legacy through Graceland and various charitable organizations.

Thirty years after their divorce, Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley’s marriage is still the subject of fascination and speculation. Did Elvis really marry Priscilla to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War? Was their marriage a publicity stunt? Did they really stay married for the sake of their daughter, Lisa Marie?

Whether or not you believe the rumors, there’s no denying that Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage had a profound impact on popular culture. Their relationship was one of the first high-profile interracial relationships in American history, and their story helped to break down barriers for other couples who wanted to married regardless of race.

Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage also paved the way for other celebrities to marry young women. Before Elvis, it was pretty unheard of for a major celebrity to marry someone who was not already a part of the entertainment industry. But after Elvis, it became more common for celebrities to marry regular people.

So whether you believe the rumors about their marriage or not, there’s no denying that Elvis and Priscilla Presley left a lasting legacy on American culture.

The conspiracy theories: Was Elvis forced to marry Priscilla?

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the life of Elvis Presley, but one of the most persistent is the rumor that he was forced to marry his wife Priscilla. The theory goes that Elvis’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker, arranged the marriage as a publicity stunt to distract from rumors about Elvis’s alleged homosexuality.

There is no evidence to support this claim, and in fact, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that Elvis was genuinely in love with Priscilla. The couple had been dating for six years before they got married, and they remained married until Elvis’s death in 1977.

If anything, it seems more likely that Parker was opposed to the marriage, as he feared that it would damage Elvis’s image as a sex symbol. However, in the end, Parker did not have any say in the matter, as Elvis and Priscilla were determined to get married regardless of what anyone else thought.

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