Was Janies First Marriage A Forced One?

Similarly, Who was Janie forced to marry?

And she learns a lot about love and herself along the way. Janie’s three marriages were all distinct; each one had a different cause for bringing her in, and each one had a new lesson to teach her; she was forced to marry Logan Killicks, who she despised.

Also, it is asked, What happened in Janie’s first marriage?

Janie’s first dream ended in death, therefore she transformed into a woman. Janie’s Nanny used to tell her that when she married, love would naturally follow. Janie chooses to marry Logan Killicks, a guy she despises, based on this conviction.

Secondly, How did Janie’s first husband treat her?

Janie’s first spouse, Logan Killicks. Because she favors financial stability and reputation above love, Nanny arranges Janie’s marriage to Logan. Logan pampers Janie for a year before attempting to compel her to assist him with his agricultural duties. Janie leaves him for Jody Starks, feeling exploited and neglected.

Also, Who arranges Janie’s first marriage and why?

Janie’s first kisser and kissee at the age of sixteen, after her sexual awakening beneath the pear tree. Nanny arranges for Janie to marry Logan Killicks, an older and rich farmer, after accidently witnessing her granddaughter’s first kiss.

People also ask, What does Janie learn from her first two marriages and how does her character develop as a result of what she has learned?

Her marriages to Logan Killicks and Jody Starks both fell short of her expectations. Like the pear tree and its environs, Tea Cake and Janie went together. She discovered that, despite the fact that her past two marriages failed to meet her expectations for love, she found love with Tea Cake and recognized that love exists.

Related Questions and Answers

How old is Janie when she first gets married?

sixteen years old

Why is Janie unhappy in her first marriage?

” ‘” (23) Regardless, Janie has been dissatisfied in their marriage from the beginning. One of the reasons for this is that Logan has no sexual interest for her, and she is even horrified by the prospect of having sex with him.

How has Janie’s marriage to Logan changed?

What has changed in Janie and Logan’s marriage since they initially married? Logan does not lavish affection or care on Janie; instead, he expects her to work hard alongside him. They’re still the ideal pair, nothing has changed. She begins to have trust difficulties, but he does not need her to work, so she remains.

How was Janie’s marriage with Joe?

Janie falls in love with Jody and the possibilities he symbolizes after being disillusioned by her terrible marriage to Logan Killicks. However, the relationship she believed she had discovered did not last long. Joe soon feels envious of his lovely wife. He relocates her to a community that was meant to be “all outa brown people” (28).

What was Janie’s idea of love before she was married?

Her grandma coerced her into marrying him. Nanny was worried that Janie would be taken care of before she died. Before she married, what did Janie think of love? Her grandma coerced her into marrying him.

Why did Janie marry Logan?

Janie wishes for love and happiness in her marriage to Logan Killicks. “Ah wants to desire him occasionally,” she tells her granny. Janie and Nanny’s perspectives on marriage are diametrically opposed. Nanny hopes Janie a happy, secure life, as opposed to the one she had.

Why does Janie’s Nanny want her to get married?

Nanny makes the decision to have Janie married as soon as possible in order to guarantee that she is in a stable environment and would be cared for after Nanny passes away. When Janie protests, Nanny tells her of the difficulties she and Janie’s mother have faced throughout their lives; all Nanny wants for Janie is for her to have a better life.

How old was Janie when she was not white?

Janie played with Mrs. Washburn’s white grandkids, and she didn’t realize she wasn’t white until she saw herself in a group photograph when she was six years old.

How does Hurston reveal Nanny’s motivation for forcing Janie to marry?

Nanny’s desire for Janie to marry is sincere and pressing, according to Hurston, because she doesn’t want Janie to go through what she and Janie’s mother went through. Nanny wants Janie to be safe since she knows she is going to die.

How has marriage and silence affected Janie?

Janie’s marriage and quiet have had an impact on her. a. It causes her to become silent – she loses her struggle and her enthusiasm. She was a “rut in the road” who still had life but kept it hidden under the surface.

How does Janie become independent?

Janie achieves independence through her quest for love and the losses she encounters. Janie’s independence emerges gradually throughout the narrative. When she summons the guts to abandon her loveless marriage with Logan in order to run away with Joe Starks, she exhibits a spark of independence.

Was Janie’s grandmother raped?

Janie’s lone parental figure is Nanny. Janie was the consequence of her mother’s rape when she was seventeen years old, and Nanny raised her since her mother was mentally incapable of doing so. As a result, Nanny’s concern for Janie is reasonable. “Ah knew mah body wasn’t completely healed, but Ah couldn’t think about it.”

How old was Janie at the end of the book?

Janie Janie Crawford, sixteen, dreams about love and wonders whether it will come with marriage. Janie has experienced love and personal development throughout the course of her twenty-four years and three marriages. Nanny She was born into slavery on a farm in Savannah and carries Leafy, the kid of her white lord.

Who is Janie’s second husband?

Joe Starks is a fictional character.

Was Logan abusive to Janie?

Janie had hoped to grow to love Logan. Despite their twenty-year marriage, Janie never really loved him. Logan was verbally abusive to Janie, and she left her husband after receiving a death threat. After that, Janie married Jody Starks.

What does Janie believe will happen after she and Logan get married?

What does Janie think will happen after she and Logan tie the knot? She feels that she will love him after they are married. She will no longer be lonely.

What is Killicks nickname for Janie?

Killicks refers to Janie as LilBit.

How does Joe abuse Janie?

She makes fun of his drooping physique and claims that when he’s nude, he looks like “de change uh life.” The guys on the porch are taken aback by the severity of the remark. Jody is powerless, his image in town tarnished, and his influence dwindling. He bursts out in a fit of passion, slamming Janie and chasing her out of the business.

What happened to Joe and Janie’s relationship during the 7th year of their marriage?

What happened to Joe and Janie’s marriage after their seventh year together? Instead of contesting Joe’s criticism, Janie learnt to keep her opinions to herself. Janie informed the guys they’d be startled to learn they didn’t know half as much about women as they assumed.

What does Jody represent to Janie?

To Janie, what does Joe (Jody) Starks represent? Jody represents liberation and a fresh start. Jody’s character establishes Hurston’s subject of masculine domination and aggressiveness in what way? In comparison, Janie’s first husband, Logan Killicks, was a jerk.

What does Janie keep waiting for in her marriage?

29. What is it that Janie keeps looking forward to following her marriage? To fall over over heels in love with her spouse. 30.

How does Janie change throughout the novel?

With her three marriages, Janie matures as a woman. She learns valuable lessons, develops ever better connections, and discovers how a person should spend his or her life in each marriage.

Who is Janie’s final relationship with?

Tea Cake for Workers

Why does Janie hate her Nanny?

Janie, on the other hand, continues to be lonely and seeks purpose in her life. Her mind wanders back to her departed Nanny. She comes to the conclusion that she despises Nanny for making her so sad in the guise of love and for suffocating her dreams.

What does Nanny mean when she says that she is a cracked plate?

When Nanny claims she’s a “cracked plate,” what exactly does she mean? She is an old woman who has experienced much in her life.

What does Tea Cake represent?

Tea Cake is a true man of nature or natural guy, as his name indicates, who seems at ease being who and what he is. Tea Cake, unlike Joe, has no ambition to be a “huge voice.” Tea Cake and Janie make small conversation and come up with new ways to perform conventional dating customs.

What does Janie reveal at the end of the novel?

Finally, Janie recognizes that the memory of Tea Cake would live on in her heart for the rest of her life. Janie has finally discovered the calm she has yearned for her whole life towards the conclusion of the book.


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