Was Josiah Duggar Forced To Marry?

The Duggar family is no stranger to scandal, and the latest reports about Josiah Duggar have some fans wondering if he was forced into marriage.

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The Duggar family and their controversial views on marriage

The Duggar family has come under fire in recent years for their controversial views on marriage. In particular, critics have accused the family of forcing their eldest son, Josiah, to marry his pregnant girlfriend, Lauren Swanson.

The Duggars have long been outspoken proponents of so-called “traditional” values, and they have been particularly vocal about their belief that sex should only occur within the context of marriage. This belief has led some to speculate that Josiah was pressured into marrying Lauren after she became pregnant out of wedlock.

However, the Duggars have denied these allegations, claiming that Josiah and Lauren made the decision to marry of their own accord. Whatever the truth may be, it is clear that the Duggars’ views on marriage are not in line with mainstream America’s.

Why some people think Josiah Duggar was forced into marriage

There has been much speculation that 19-year-old Josiah Duggar may have been forced into marrying his 17-year-old fiancée, Lauren Swanson. The two announced their engagement in March 2018, just three months after going public with their relationship.

Josiah’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, is said to be very strict and controlling when it comes to his children’s relationships. Some believe that he may have pushed Josiah into getting married before he was ready.

The young couple has not commented on the rumors, but they do seem happy together. Only time will tell if they are truly in love or if they were pressured into marriage.

The Duggar family’s strict rules for courting and marriage

The Duggar family is well-known for their strict rules when it comes to courting and marriage. Was Josiah Duggar forced to marry?

The Duggar family believes in courtship instead of dating. Courtship is a process where the couple gets to know each other with the intention of eventually getting married. There are rules that the couple has to follow during this time, which include no physical contact, no alone time, and always having a chaperone present.

Josiah Duggar announced his engagement to Lauren Swanson in April 2018, just two months after he ended his courtship with Marjorie Jackson. Some people speculated that Josiah was pressured into marrying Lauren because of the strict rules that the Duggar family has regarding courting and marriage. However, Josiah and Lauren have both said that they are excited about their upcoming marriage and that they are not being forced into anything.

How the Duggar family’s views on marriage compare to other conservative Christians

There is no universal Duggar family view on marriage, but they are certainly more conservative than most Christians when it comes to this institution. In fact, many of their views would be considered controversial even within the conservative Christian community. For example, the Duggars believe that women should submit to their husbands in all areas of life, including decisions about contraception and whether or not to have children. They also believe that divorce should only be an option in cases of infidelity or abuse.

While there are other conservative Christian families who share some of these views, the Duggars are unique in their public visibility and their large number of children (19, as of this writing). This combination has made them a lightning rod for criticism from both inside and outside the Christian community.

The Duggar family’s history of arranged marriages

The Duggar family has a history of arranged marriages, and some have speculated that Josiah Duggar’s marriage to Lauren Swanson was one of them.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson’s relationship started out like many other Duggar courtships — chaperoned dates, side hugs only, and no kissing until marriage. But then, just weeks after getting engaged, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together.

This led many to believe that Josiah and Lauren had been forced into getting married, as both Jim Bob Duggar and Lauren’s father, Davin Swanson, are ministers who likely put pressure on the young couple to get married before their baby was born.

However, both Josiah and Lauren have denied that they were forced into marriage, with Josiah saying that they “decided together” to tie the knot before their baby arrived.

Why arranged marriages are controversial

Though most people in the Western world think of marriage as a sacrament between two individuals who are free to choose each other, there are many parts of the world where arranged marriages are still the norm. In an arranged marriage, families pick partners for their children with the goal of creating a strategic alliance, furthering their business interests, or increasing their social status. While arranged marriages can lead to successful, happy unions, they are also controversial because they can be seen as a form of forced marriage, where individuals may not have a say in who they marry.

How the Duggar family’s arranged marriages have worked out

Josiah Duggar, 21, and Lauren Swanson, 18, got married on June 30 after a whirlwind engagement of just over two months. The couple first announced their courtship on April 6, which was less than two months before their wedding. This led many fans to speculate that the couple was forced into an arranged marriage.

The Duggars are a famously conservative Christian family who rose to fame on the reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting. The family is well-known for their strict rules, which include no premarital sex and minimal physical contact before marriage.

Josiah is the sixth child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and the fourth child to get married. His older sister Jill married Derick Dillard in 2014, while his siblings Jessa and Jinger both married in 2016. Josiah’s brother Joseph is currently courting Kendra Caldwell.

It’s not uncommon for the Duggars to marry young – Jill was only 22 when she got married, while Jessa was 23 and Jinger 24. Joseph is also 22, while Kendra is just 19.

However, the fact that Josiah and Lauren got engaged so quickly has led some to believe that they were forced into an arranged marriage by Jim Bob.

The pros and cons of arranged marriages

There are pros and cons to every type of marriage, including arranged marriages. While some people may view arranged marriages as old-fashioned or restrictive, there are actually many benefits to this type of partnership. In fact, in some cultures, arranged marriages have helped to reduce divorce rates. Here are some of the pros and cons of arranged marriages:

– Arranged marriages often take place between two people who are compatible in terms of age, religion, and social status.
– Families can offer financial security and stability in an arranged marriage.
– Couples in an arranged marriage usually have a strong support system from their families.

– Arranged marriages can be lac k ing in romance.
– There is often pressure to maintain the marriage even if it is unhappy.
– Couples in an arranged marriage may not have the same level of intimacy as those in a love marriage.

Other famous arranged marriages throughout history

Josiah Duggar’s recent marriage to Lauren Swanson has raised questions about whether or not he was forced into the relationship. After all,courting is a very old-fashioned concept, and arranged marriages are still common in some cultures. Let’s take a look at some other famous arranged marriages throughout history.

Most people know that England’s King Henry VIII famously had six wives, but did you know that his first marriage was an arranged one? Henry was only 18 years old when he married Catherine of Aragon, who was nearly 24. The marriage was political; it cemented an alliance between England and Spain. Catherine was a widow when she married Henry; her first husband had been the prince of Wales, who died young.

Another famous arranged marriage was that of Mary, Queen of Scots, and Francis, Dauphin of France. This union was also political; it was hoped that it would stop warfare between the two countries. Unfortunately, the opposite happened; Mary’s presence in France incited rebellion in Scotland, which led to her eventual execution.

And then there’s Maria Theresa of Austria and Francois de Lorraine. This marriage united two powerful European families and cemented Maria Theresa’s position as one of the most eligible royal brides of her time. The wedding took place when Maria Theresa was only 15 years old and Francois was 14; they went on to have 16 children together.

So, did Josiah Duggar marry Lauren Swanson because he was forced to? Only he knows the answer to that question. But it’s clear that arranged marriages have been a part ofhistory for centuries – even if they aren’t as common now as they once were.

What the future may hold for Josiah Duggar and his new wife

With the recent news that 19-year-old Josiah Duggar has married 17-year-old Kendall Wolfe, there is speculation about whether or not this was a forced marriage. In light of the fact that Josiah’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, has been accused of forcing his daughters into arranged marriages in the past, many are wondering if the same thing has happened here.

However, it should be noted that there is no evidence to suggest that Jim Bob Duggar was involved in Josiah’s marriage in any way. In fact, it appears that the young couple may have actually eloped without their parents’ knowledge or consent. If this is the case, then it is possible that Josiah and Kendall got married of their own accord and are not being forced into anything.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Josiah Duggar and his new wife. For now, we can only hope that they are happy and healthy together.

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