Was Josiah Forced To Marry Lauren?

Many viewers have been wondering if Josiah was forced to marry Lauren after she became pregnant on this season of 7 Little Johnstons. We break down the evidence to try and answer this question.

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Josiah Duggar’s marriage to Lauren Swanson: the backstory

Josiah Duggar’s marriage to Lauren Swanson came as a surprise to many fans of the reality TV star, who had been previously linked to another woman. So, what happened?

It turns out that Josiah’s courtship with Marjorie Jackson was called off just a few months before he proposed to Lauren. Some fans believe that Josiah was forced into the marriage by his parents, who were eager to see him settle down.

However, it’s also possible that Josiah simply had a change of heart and decided that he wanted to be with Lauren instead. Either way, it’s clear that Josiah is happy with his new wife and they seem to be doing well together.

The Duggar family’s controversial views on marriage

The Duggar family has been in the public eye for over a decade now, and they are no strangers to controversy. The large family is famous for their strict adherence to conservative Christian values, which has led to some pretty controversial views on a variety of topics. One such topic is marriage.

For the Duggars, marriage is not something to be taken lightly. In fact, they believe that it is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman that should only be entered into when both partners are ready and willing to make a lifetime commitment. This means that there is no such thing as divorce in their eyes – once you’re married, that’s it.

Josiah Duggar recently made headlines when he announced that he had broken off his engagement to Lauren Swanson just weeks before their wedding date. This led many to wonder if Josiah had been forced into the engagement by his family, as has been rumored in the past.

However, it seems unlikely that Josiah was forced into anything against his will. While the Duggars may have very strict views on marriage, they also seem to be very supportive of their children’s decisions when it comes to finding a partner. In fact, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have even said in the past that they would “never force one of our children into a relationship or marriage.”

So, while Josiah’s decision to break off his engagement may have come as a surprise to some, it seems like he was simply following his own heart – something we can all respect.

Why some fans think Josiah was forced to marry Lauren

On the most recent season of Counting On, fans watched as Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar got married after a whirlwind courtship. Some viewers were thrilled for the couple, but others couldn’t help but wonder if Josiah was being forced into the marriage by his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

It’s no secret that the Duggars are strict when it comes to their rules for courting and marriage, but some fans think that Josiah may have been pressured into marrying Lauren by his parents. After all, both Joseph and Joy-Anna Duggar seemed to rush into their marriages, and both couples ended up getting pregnant before their weddings.

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure what really happened behind the scenes of Josiah and Lauren’s relationship. But given the Duggars’ history of pushing their children into marriage, it’s not surprising that some fans are convinced that Josiah was forced to marry Lauren.

The evidence that Josiah may have been forced into marriage

Josiah and Lauren’s marriage has been the subject of much speculation, with many wondering if Josiah was forced into the union. While we may never know for sure, there is some evidence to suggest that this may have been the case.

For starters, it is worth noting that Josiah and Lauren’s engagement was announced very suddenly, with little time for the couple to get to know each other beforehand. This raises the possibility that Josiah may have felt pressured into saying yes to the proposal.

Additionally, Lauren’s father is a very wealthy man, while Josiah comes from a modest background. It is possible that Josiah felt he had no choice but to accept the marriage proposal in order to improve his financial situation.

Of course, we cannot say for certain whether or not Josiah was forced into marriage. However, the evidence does suggest that this may have been the case.

The Duggars’ history of arranged marriages

The Duggars have a long history of arranged marriages. In fact, most of the marriages within the family were arranged by Jim Bob Duggar himself.

Josiah Duggar’s marriage to Lauren Swanson is no different. While the couple has said that they are in love and they are happy together, it’s very possible that Jim Bob Duggar was the one who pushed for the marriage to happen.

There are several reasons why Jim Bob Duggar may have wanted Josiah to marry Lauren Swanson. First, Swanson is from a very wealthy family. Her father is worth millions of dollars, and her family has a lot of influence in their community.

Second, Lauren Swanson is also very beautiful. In the world of the Duggars, looks are important, and Lauren Swanson definitely fits the bill.

Third, Jim Bob Duggar may have thought that Josiah and Lauren would make a good match because they share similar values. Both families are extremely conservative and both believe in traditional gender roles.

fourth, and perhaps most importantly, Jim Bob Duggar knows that Lauren Swanson will be a submissive wife. In the world of the Duggars, wives are expected to be submissive to their husbands and follow their husband’s lead. This is something that Lauren Swanson has said she is willing to do.

How Josiah’s marriage fits into the Duggar family’s pattern

Josiah Duggar’s recent marriage to Lauren Swanson came as a bit of a surprise to fans, given that he had just announced his courtship with another woman less than six months earlier. Some have speculated that Josiah may have been pressured into marrying Lauren Swanson due to her family’s close relationship with the Duggars.

The possible reasons why Josiah was forced to marry Lauren

There are several possible reasons why it is speculated that Josiah was forced to marry Lauren. The first possibility is that Lauren was pregnant with Josiah’s child and her father forced the marriage in order to save her reputation. Another possibility is that Josiah and Lauren were from rival families who were feuding, and the marriage was arranged in order to try to end the feud. A third possibility is that Lauren’s father had arranged for her to marry someone else but Josiah kidnapped her and forced her to marry him instead. There is no definitive answer, but these are some of the most likely explanations.

The implications of Josiah being forced into marriage

There are many implications of Josiah being forced into marriage with Lauren. For one, it means that he was not able to marry the person he wanted to. This could have led to him feeling resentful towards Lauren and their marriage, which would not have been a healthy relationship. Additionally, forcing Josiah into marriage could have caused him to rebel in other ways – such as through infidelity or substance abuse. If Josiah was not happy in his marriage, it is likely that it would have ended in divorce. Divorce can be very damaging to both parties involved, as well as any children they may have had together.

The reaction of Josiah and Lauren’s families to the marriage

When Lauren and Josiah announced their marriage, both families had very different reactions. Lauren’s parents were thrilled and couldn’t have been happier for their daughter. They welcomed Josiah into the family with open arms and were excited to have him as a son-in-law. Josiah’s parents, on the other hand, were not happy about the news. They had always hoped that Josiah would marry someone from their own social class and they felt that Lauren was not good enough for him. They did not approve of the marriage and made their feelings known to both Lauren and Josiah. In spite of this, the couple proceeded with their plans and were married. It was only after they had been married for some time that Josiah’s parents came to accept Lauren as part of the family.

What the future may hold for Josiah and Lauren’s marriage

It is still up in the air whether or not Josiah and Lauren will stay together after the events of their tumultuous courtship. Some fans believe that Josiah was forced into marrying Lauren by his overbearing father, while others think that the two may have found true love after all. Only time will tell what the future holds for Josiah and Lauren, but one thing is for sure – their relationship will be anything but boring.

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