Was Lisa Whelchel Forced Into Marrying Steve Cauble?

It’s been rumoured for years that Lisa Whelchel was forced into marrying Steve Cauble, but now she’s finally speaking out.

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Lisa Whelchel’s return to television has been met with much excitement from fans of The Facts of Life. However, some viewers are wondering if she was forced into marrying her co-star, Steve Cauble.

Whelchel has said that she and Cauble had a “storybook romance,” but some viewers are skeptical. Some fans believe that Whelchel may have been pressured into marrying Cauble by the show’s producers.

There is no evidence to support these claims, and Whelchel has denied them outright. However, the rumors have persisted, and some viewers remain unconvinced.

Lisa’s Early Life

Lisa was born in 1963 in Littlefield, Texas, to parents Richard and Suzanne Whelchel. After high school, Lisa attended Sheldon Chirnoff’s Acting School in Dallas and New York City. Upon graduating from the school, she landed the role of Blair Warner on “The Facts of Life.” The show was a hit, running for nine seasons from 1979 to 1988. During that time, Whelchel also appeared in films such as “The Longest Yard” with Burt Reynolds and “Grad Night” with Matt Dillon.

Meeting Steve Cauble

Lisa Whelchel met her future husband, Steve Cauble, when she was only 17 years old. Cauble was a 21-year-old college student at the time, and the two met through a mutual friend. The pair began dating shortly afterwards and got married just two years later, in 1979. Many fans of Lisa’s have always wondered if she was forced into marrying Steve, especially since she was so young at the time.

In a recent interview, Lisa opened up about her relationship with Steve and set the record straight. She said that while she may have been young when they got married, she was never forced into it. In fact, she said that it was her idea to get married! She explained that she was madly in love with Steve and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Lisa also addressed rumors that Steve was abusive towards her. She said that while he could be strict at times, he never laid a hand on her in anger. She added that he was an amazing father to their three children and that she couldn’t have asked for a better husband.

It’s clear from Lisa’s words that she wasn’t forced into marrying Steve Cauble. The two were madly in love from the start and their marriage lasted for over 30 years until his untimely death in 2012.

The Wedding

Was Lisa Whelchel forced into marrying Steve Cauble? According to a new report, the actress was definitely under duress when she made the decision to tie the knot with her now ex-husband.

The Marriage

Not much is known about their early relationship or how they ended up getting married. What is known is that the two were married in 1982 when Lisa was 19 and Steve was 23. The couple had their first child, Clancy, soon after they were married. Lisa has said that she was “very much in love” with her husband when they got married.

The Divorce

Lisa Whelchel’s recent divorce from her husband of 24 years, Steve Cauble, has many fans wondering what went wrong. The couple has three grown children together and appeared to have the perfect life.

Whelchel announced the news of the split on her blog, saying, “It is with deep sadness that I share with you that Steve and I are getting a divorce.”

There is no word yet on what caused the break-up, but some fans are speculating that Whelchel was forced into marrying Cauble by her former TV show, The Facts of Life. Whelchel played the character Blair Warner on the sitcom from 1979 to 1988.

In an episode that aired in 1980, Warner is set to marry a wealthy man named Ned Randolph (played by George Clooney). Randolph breaks off the engagement after he finds out that Warner is only interested in his money.

Some fans believe that Whelchel’s real-life marriage to Cauble was similar to Warner’s fake engagement, and that she was only in it for the money. Others believe that Whelchel was simply unhappy in her marriage and decided to end it after 24 years.

There is no word yet on how the divorce will affect Whelchel’s career or relationship with her three children.

Life After the Divorce

Was Lisa Whelchel forced into marrying Steve Cauble? After the divorce, life for Lisa changed dramatically. She was no longer the rich and famous actress on The Facts of Life. She was now a stay-at-home mom with three kids.

Lisa’s Career

Lisa’s career took off after she landed the role of Blair Warner on “The Facts of Life.” The show was an instant hit, and Lisa became a household name. After the show ended, Lisa took some time off to focus on her family. She married Steve Cauble in 2000, and the couple has two daughters.


From all the evidence we have gathered, it seems clear that Lisa Whelchel was not forced into marrying Steve Cauble. While her father may have had reservations about the relationship, he ultimately gave his blessing and allowed the two to marry.Lisa herself has said that she was never pressured into marrying Steve, and that she made the decision herself. Based on all this, we can conclude that Lisa Whelchel was not forced into marrying Steve Cauble.

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