Who Was Juliet Forced To Marry?

If you’re a fan of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, then you know that the story doesn’t end well for our star-crossed lovers. But did you know that Juliet was actually forced to marry someone else before she met Romeo?

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the man Juliet was supposed to marry and explore the reasons why her parents wanted her to marry him. We’ll also see how this ultimately led to Juliet’s tragic demise.

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Who was Juliet forced to marry?

In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is forced by her father to marry Count Paris. This occurs in Act 3, Scene 5, when Lord Capulet tells Paris that he may marry Juliet the next day. Lord Capulet has already arranged for Juliet to marry County Paris and tells her she must obey him.

Why was Juliet forced to marry?

In William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is forced to marry Paris by her father Lord Capulet. Lord Capulet arranged the marriage without Juliet’s input or consent, and she is extremely unhappy about it. In fact, she takes drastic measures to avoid going through with the marriage, ultimately leading to her tragic death.

How did Juliet feel about being forced to marry?

Juliet was clearly distressed at the prospect of being forced to marry Paris. In Act III, Scene v, she says: “Orgive me, cousin,/ That I no more can show thee; for my heart/ Is in the coffin there with Romeo.” She appears to be resigned to her fate in Act IV, Scene iii when she says: “Marry, I will; and if it were today/ I should not sin of hope.” However, in the very next scene, she takes her own life rather than submit to a marriage she does not want. It is clear that Juliet is conflicted about her impending marriage and does not want to go through with it.

How did Romeo feel about Juliet being forced to marry?

Romeo was heartbroken when he learned that Juliet had been forced to marry someone else. He felt that it was unfair and didn’t understand why she had to marry someone she didn’t love.

What did Juliet do to avoid getting married?

Juliet was forced to marry Paris by her father, but she took a potion to make it seem like she was dead so that she would not have to go through with the marriage.

What happened when Juliet tried to avoid getting married?

Juliet Capulet was forced by her parents to marry County Paris, a wealthy nobleman, despite her love for another man, Romeo Montague. This led to a tragic turn of events, as Romeo believed Juliet to be dead and took his own life. Upon waking and finding Romeo’s corpse beside her, Juliet committed suicide.

How did Romeo and Juliet’s relationship change after Juliet was forced to marry?

Romeo and Juliet’s relationship changes drastically after Juliet is forced to marry. Romeo becomes desperate and paranoid, while Juliet is forced to act like she doesn’t care for Romeo anymore. The two are no longer able to see or speak to each other, which deeply impacts their relationship.

What were the consequences of Juliet being forced to marry?

Juliet was forced to marry Count Paris, against her will, by her parents. This caused a rift between Juliet and her parents, and she was extremely unhappy in the marriage. The consequences of this forced marriage were that Juliet became increasingly withdrawn and depressed, and she eventually took her own life.

How could things have been different if Juliet wasn’t forced to marry?

How could things have been different if Juliet wasn’t forced to marry?

Juliet was a victim of her time and place. In Shakespeare’s day, young women had little choice in whom they would marry. Parents and other relatives arranged most marriages, and young women were expected to obey their elders’ wishes.

If Juliet hadn’t been forced to marry, she might have ended up marrying someone she didn’t love. Or she might have remained single, which would have been considered unusual and undesirable. It’s possible that things would have turned out better for her if she hadn’t been married at all, but we’ll never know for sure.

What can we learn from Juliet’s story?

Juliet was forced to marry Paris because her father, Lord Capulet, believed that it would be good for both Juliet and the family. While Juliet did not want to marry Paris, she was pressured into it by her parents. This story teaches us that sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to do, and that it’s important to think about what’s best for our families.

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