Why Does Early And Forced Marriage Happen On Mariam?

Similarly, Is Mariam forced to marry Rasheed?

Save one page. A summary of 1000 Suns Mariam, who was forced to marry Rasheed when she was fifteen, travels to Kabul to begin her new life with her husband. She is unable to conceive and has a loveless life with her abusive spouse. She was initially hopeful.

Also, it is asked, How does Mariam feel about the new marriage?

Mariam compares her new husband’s complexion and voice to decaying apples and dry leaves, respectively. She uses these analogies to show that her first thoughts of her spouse are unfavorable in addition to trying to make sense of him by comparing him to things she is familiar with.

Secondly, How did Mariam marry Rasheed?

The next day, when Mariam gets home, she learns the awful news that her mother has killed herself. Moving in with Jalil is Mariam. It doesn’t take long for Mariam and Rasheed, a shoemaker, to be wed by Jalil and his women. After their marriage, Mariam moves to Kabul to start a new life.

Also, What are the causes of early marriage?

Numerous reasons contribute to the fact that child marriage is still a reality for many girls throughout the globe. These include poverty, a lack of educational and employment possibilities, war and conflict-related instability, and the influence of custom and tradition.

People also ask, When did Mariam get pregnant?

Analysis and Synthesis Chapter 13 of Part 1. After learning they are expecting a child, Mariam and Rasheed board the bus home from the clinic as Kabul is covered in its first snowfall. Rasheed is certain that the child will be a boy, but Mariam is just delighted to be expecting.

Related Questions and Answers

How old is Mariam when she must get married?

Mariam, who is 19 years old, has been married to Rasheed for four years and has lost six additional pregnancies throughout that period. The story begins with the discovery of the murder of renowned communist Mir Akbar Khyber.

Why does Mariam say yes to the marriage?

She is trying to deceive herself into thinking that she is helpful and pleasant with him because she doesn’t want to accept that the man she married is a terrible guy. When Mariam peeks into her husband’s bedroom drawers, she discovers some of his past.

What happens to Mariam in A Thousand Splendid Suns?

Rasheed is killed by Mariam after she hits him with a shovel. Mariam sends Laila and the kids go with Tariq since she knows she won’t survive after carrying out this atrocity. Mariam is given the death penalty after admitting to killing her husband. Laila and Tariq go to Pakistan with the kids and get married there.

What happens to Mariam after she kills Rasheed?

When Rasheed learns about Tariq that evening, he begins to abuse Laila. Rasheed is ultimately murdered by Mariam in order to save Laila. Mariam stays in Kabul to accept responsibility and is killed by the Taliban. Moving to Tariq’s house in Murree, where life is pleasant, Laila, Tariq, and the kids.

Why was Rasheed abusive?

Rasheed turns against Mariam and starts abusing her when she is unable to have a child and start a family. He pulls her, kicks, punches, and beats her with a belt. Rasheed became harsh because he saw Mariam as a burden and felt guilty about it.

What is the age difference between Rasheed and Mariam?

What is Rasheed and Mariam’s age difference? 16.

What does Mariam sacrifice in A Thousand Splendid Suns?

One of the book’s main characters, Mariam, gives her life to rescue Laila and her kids. This sacrifice makes it clear to the reader what Mariam genuinely values: Laila’s life, her happiness, and her children.

What are the causes of child early and forced marriages?

why it occurs. Gender inequality and the idea that girls and women are less valuable than boys and men are at the basis of child marriage. Poverty, illiteracy, negative societal norms and behaviors, and insecurity make it worse. It has various drivers in different places, and it has distinct aesthetics everywhere.

What is the effect of early marriage?

Poverty-driven child marriage affects girls’ health in a variety of ways, including by raising their risk for STIs, cervical cancer, malaria, stillbirth, and obstetric fistulas. Children of girls are more likely to be born prematurely and pass away as neonates, babies, or children.

How long is a pregnancy in Islam?

The Hadith claims that the process of “ensoulment,” or the moment when the soul (r) enters the fetus post-conception, takes place at this stage, which is usually acknowledged as 120 days following conception.

How did Mariam get pregnant?

Though she was still a virgin, God tells her that Mary was miraculously conceived by her by the help of the holy spirit. God gives her kid the name Isa (Jesus), indicating that he would be the Promised Messiah and the “anointed one.”

How does Mariam change throughout the novel?

Over the course of the book, Mariam undergoes the most transformation of any other character. She is a harami at first, coming from a rural hamlet with little hope for the future. She is prohibited from participating in “the things other people have, things like love, family, home, and acceptance” because she is a harami (1.1. 6).

How does Mariam react to the abuse?

We see the effects of abuse on two very different women as well as how they respond to the current circumstance. Mariam is very subservient up to the point when she defends her companion Laila by killing Rasheed in self-defense. Contrarily, Laila has a history of disobedience that only makes matters worse with Rasheed.

What is it that Mariam does at the end of the chapter to help her get over the death of her baby?

Mariam struggles with her sorrow over the miscarriage, vacillating between despair and rage as she attempts to place the blame for her suffering first on Rasheed and then on God. She eventually combines her despair with remorse. Mariam prays and begs for forgiveness since she is aware that these are unkind thoughts.

What happened in chapter 29 of A Thousand Splendid Suns?

The similarities between Laila and Mariam deepen in Chapter 29 as a result of Rasheed’s resolve to wed yet another underage girl with few choices. Hosseini revisits the recurrent subject of gender roles. Laila is adolescent and without options, much as Mariam was.

What does Mariam realize about her father how does this make her feel Does this explain why she goes along with the marriage to Rasheed?

Does this justify her agreement to Rasheed’s marriage? Mariam is aware that her father would like it. Mariam feels unwanted and undeserving. Mariam’s mother gave her the impression that, since she was a “harami,” she wasn’t deserving of respect, affection, or the opportunity to have a say in her own life.

What happened in chapter 30 of A Thousand Splendid Suns?

Because of her actions, Laila feels so terrible that she is unable to look Mariam in the eye throughout the wedding. In order to maintain Rasheed’s idea that he married a virgin, she takes the dagger she’s concealed beneath the mattress that night and pricks her finger to sully the linens.

Why is Mariam in jail?

Because she had been betrothed to a guy who was thirty years her senior, she is now in jail. She thus took off with the local mullah’s son, with whom she had fallen in love. They were swiftly apprehended and returned. The son of the mullah was spanked until he remorsefully admitted that Naghma had seduced him after casting a spell on him.

What does Mariam wish for in her last moments of life?

Mariam, though, hopes for a longer life as she makes her way to the grave. She wants Aziza to become an adult. Despite all of the difficulties in her life, it is clear from these sentimental passages that Mariam values what she has and longs for more of it.

Is Mariam justified in killing Rasheed?

Rasheed should have murdered Mariam and Laila, hence she was right in murdering him. Rasheed’s murder was nearly Mariam’s act of vengeance. She frees herself after years of torment because she is in charge. How has the dynamic between Mariam and Laila evolved after Rasheed’s murder?

What is the turning point in Mariam and Laila’s relationship?

The connection between Laila and Mariam changes dramatically in Chapter 33. Mariam first feels a connection with Laila because of Aziza’s presence. Her appreciation for Laila’s maternal instincts starts to take the place of whatever envy she may have once felt.

What is the ending of A Thousand Splendid Suns?

Mariam eventually makes the ultimate sacrifice for Laila and Laila’s family—the kind only a mother would make. Laila is so appreciative that she abandons her cozy life in Pakistan and devotes herself to the Kabul children.

What did Rasheed do to Mariam?

Rasheed, a conservative and stubborn man, teaches Mariam from away on what he thinks the qualities of a good wife should be: docile, obedient, and fruitful. Rasheed loses patience with Mariam when she demonstrates that she is unable to bear children and verbally and physically attacks her.

Who is the antagonist in A Thousand Splendid Suns?


How is Rasheed a hypocrite?

Rasheed is something of a hypocrite since it is obvious that the religious beliefs he professes in public are different from his secret interest in pornography. Future conflict between them is hinted at by Mariam’s breach of Rasheed’s intentions to keep his bedroom and life secret.


Mariam was forced to marry Rasheed, a man who was much older than she was. The two were married in secret and lived together for a few months before Mariam’s parents found out about the marriage.

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